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MissionLink Flyaway


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MissionLink Flyaway
MissionLink Flyaway
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A robust solution

The MissionLINK Flyaway provides a ruggidised rapid deployment communications option for mobile operation. Utilising the Iridium Certus® service, this equipment can be used truly globally thanks to the Iridium next LEO constellation.

Offering exceptional reliability and designed for military theatre use, the Thales MissionLINK terminal provides a robust solution for both data and telephony. Building on this solution, the NSSLGlobal MissionLINK Flyaway provides a mobile Satcom terminal designed to operate in extreme environments. The Flyaway case is Waterproof, dustproof and crushproof & utilising a connection that is stable during poor weather, meaning wherever you are and whatever the conditions you can stay connected. 

True mobile communications

To ensure portability, the MissionLINK Flyaway has an in built battery, giving up to six hours of connection time without the requirement for a mains power connection. The unit can also be used whilst connected to mains power or a 12v vehicle power outlet, simultaneously charging the internal battery and providing the facility to charge other devices through the integral 5v USB charger whilst operating.

Efficient deployment & routing

Upon deployment, the terminal requires no pointing, due to its Solid State antenna design. The terminal will even operate within the enclosure whilst closed if required. The internal cooling fan ensures that operation continues when the external environment becomes challenging. All operating LEDS can also be switched off for use in covert operations.

The incorporated LTE modem also ensures least cost routing is available; meaning ‘always on’ connection can be achieved via the most economic route.

Product Features

Network:Iridium Certus
Size:56 x 45.5 x 26.5 cm
Weight:29 kg
Coverage:Truly Global
Standard IP:704/352 kbps


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