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SatLink 2000 VSAT Modem


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SatLink 2000 VSAT Modem
SatLink 2000 VSAT Modem
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Product Overview
The SatLink® 2000 VSAT modem is a member of a family of SatLink® products and systems from NSSLGlobal Technologies enabling scalable, high-availability DVB-RCS & DVB-RCS2 networks including: VSATs, Hubs, and Hub components, with value-added options for advanced data, voice, and video networking via satellite. 

The SatLink® 2000 is the preferred, most cost- effective type of VSAT network, including public ISPs/private encrypted networks. Yet, it has download IP throughput up to 30 Mbps, advanced QoS, and TCP & HTTP Acceleration up to 10 Mbps per connection and delivers highly efficient spectral efficiency by using the DVB-RCS2 standard supporting BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, & 16QAM on TDMA carriers. The SatLink® 2000 has all the value-added IP networking features customers expect well as an SCPC mode for added flexibility. The SatLink® 2000 supports various antenna options, with BUCs/LNBs in C, Ku, Ka, X, and EHF bands.

NSSLGlobal Technologies pioneered the DVB-RCS & DVB-RCS2 protocols working in partnership with the European Space Agency, utilising them on satellite networks to deliver superior performance for telecom service providers, ISPs, NATO and governments, enterprises and partners across the globe additionally offering turnkey integration, installation, and 24/7/365 global technical  support. All backed up by the NSSLGlobal Group.

Product Features

Network:NSSLGlobal Ku
Manufacturer:NSSLGlobal Technologies
Size:23.5 x 16 x 4 cm


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