NSSLGlobal’s Iridium CertusSM service goes live


New L-Band satellite service delivers true global coverage to vessels of all sizes through ground breaking Iridium® NEXT satellite constellation


Redhill, UK, 23 January 2019 — Award-winning global satcom and IT solutions provider NSSLGlobal is service ready for Iridium Certus the new L-Band service from Iridium Communications Inc, as part of the Service Provider agreement signed in August 2018. Maritime customers can get immediate access to the enterprise-grade global broadband functionality and high-quality voice capabilities offered by Iridium Certus — either as a standalone service or in conjunction with NSSLGlobal’s VSAT IP@SEA service.

Enabled by Iridium NEXT, the company’s next-generation, $3 billion low orbit satellite constellation of 66 satellites, Iridium Certus ensures that crews at sea are safely connected and maintaining consistent communication, regardless of location. It also offers a variety of speed classes with the initial service debuting at 352 Kbps and later upgradable via firmware to 704 Kbps in early 2019.

Working in tandem with NSSLGlobal’s VSAT IP@Sea the Cobham SAILOR 4300 Iridium Certus terminal, enables NSSLGlobal to provide customers continuous connectivity while also offering its unique Cruise Control+ solution. This will enable users to fully manage their operational and crew communications, via NSSLGlobal’s suite of value-added services, covering everything from crew entertainment, onboard IT management, cyber security to an integrated IP PBX.  

Scott McBride, the Group Sales Director at NSSLGlobal, commented: “The demand for robust connectivity at sea is mission critical. Maritime companies are hungry for this next generation of satellite connectivity that will guarantee the speeds, consistency, and security they need to operate. Whether used as a standalone service or as a VSAT companion solution, Iridium Certus provides just that. We are service ready from all of the NSSLGlobal offices and able to provide SAILOR 4300 terminals for immediate shipment and service installation to ensure optimum performance levels  —our customers can quickly access the highest throughput at the best cost on the latest global network. It’s vital that we continue to add unique value to our customer offering providing quality of service, versatility and competitive choice in satellite communications.”

Bryan Hartin, Executive Vice President at Iridium: “The adoption of the Iridium Certus service by world-class specialist partners NSSLGlobal is a major milestone for the programme. Not only does it allow us to reach a wider pool of potential users who will benefit from the service,  NSSLGlobal’s customer base of land-mobile users, maritime and governments will benefit from the secure solution Iridium Certus provides connecting ‘on-the-move’ vehicles and assets anywhere on the planet along with a dual mode cost-efficiency capability that allows users to alternate between cellular and satellite connectivity.” 

Iridium’s crosslinked satellite architecture enables real-time transit of data to and from any location on the globe without the need for abundant ground stations and allows it to maintain consistent, high quality coverage, including over the oceans and polar regions.

NSSLGlobal has a permanent Iridium Certus demo system set up in its UK Redhill headquarters,  Denmark Copenhagen and German Hamburg offices available for customers to test the service.  For any related queries or to book a demo, please contact marketing@nsslglobal.com


Notes to editors:

About NSSLGlobal

NSSLGlobal is a leading independent provider of satellite communications and IT solutions with innovation and customer service at the core of its DNA. It has service and sales offices globally including UK, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Singapore, US and South Africa.

With 50 years of experience in the government and maritime mobility markets, NSSLGlobal provides best-in-class satellite solutions working in partnership with some of the largest MSS and VSAT satellite operators including Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya, Telesat, Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES and JCSAT.

NSSLGlobal is forging a reputation as an engineering powerhouse by expanding its R&D and global support capabilities through targeted acquisitions such as the “SatLink” Hub and Modem technology, which is at the core of NSSLGlobal’s world class VSAT network; and snap.tv which provides a range of crew entertainment services which is unique to the industry and ensures that NSSLGlobal can steer the development and support roadmap to suit its customer’s needs.

NSSLGlobal offers an expanding portfolio of leading-edge in-house solutions such as its next generation Cruise Control+ that provides cybersecurity assurance and IT managed services to support the move to digitalisation thereby freeing up customer’s time to focus on vessel’s operational priorities.

In June 2018, NSSLGlobal fully acquired UK Electronic Solutions Ltd, the creators ofOceanic Dynamics; an all-encompassing motion and impact monitoring system designed for the Offshore Wind Energy market. This is now the NSSLGlobal’s dedicated Wind Energy division based in Newcastle, UK which specialises in providing offshore communications and applications.

In early 2018, NSSLGlobal launched NSSLGlobal Technologies, its new R&D division where its two recent Norwegian acquisitions were combined. This includes Norwegian IPTV company  snap.tv (acquired in December 2016), which focuses on multi-cast entertainment services over VSAT networks aimed at maritime and offshore companies as well as the acquisition of the SatLink communications technology; a premier maritime VSAT Hub and Modem technology (acquired at the end of 2017).

In December 2018, NSSLGlobal acquired the assets and activities of Station 711  Station, a business unit within MX1 focussed on providing the maritime market with innovative communication solutions.

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