RADIOCOM upgrades its VSAT with SatLink Technology

NSSLGlobal Technologies delivers improved QoS and bandwidth efficiency for RadioCom sites  

RadioCom upgrades its VSAT equipment with SatLink Hub and Modem technology, enabling it to secure the SCADA network


30 January 2020 — NSSLGlobal Technologies, the R&D arm of the NSSLGlobal group, has today announced a new contract with Societatea Na?ional? de Radiocomunica?ii S.A (National Radiocommunications Company S.A.) – RadioCom.


RADIOCOM is a leader in the terrestrial broadcasting market (transport and broadcasting of radio and TV programs) and one of the main providers of networks and data transmission services in Romania. RADIOCOM owns Earth Stations at the Cheia Satellite Communications Centre – the most important gate for incoming and  outgoing of data, voice and radio transmissions and video communications in Romania.


RadioCom turned to NSSLGlobal for improved Quality of Service (QoS) and bandwidth efficiency of their VSAT network, both Hub and terminals, with high-performance SatLink Hub and Modem technology.


The contract will see NSSLGlobal Technologies supply RadioCom with its SatLink 2000 modems and a carrier class SatLink Hub (SL 9800) with dual beam compatibility. One beam will support 250 sites and the core Hub infrastructure. The second beam will support 900remote sites that form a new SCADA network for a key RadioCom customer. 


SCADA systems are used to monitor and control a plant or equipment in industries such as oil and gas as well as telecommunications, water and waste control, energy and transportation. The oil and gas industry demand efficient and reliable high-throughput connectivity for linking headquarters IT systems, technical experts, pipeline facilities, and infield and offshore drilling platforms to each other. As terrestrial infrastructure for communication purposes is often inadequate or non-existent in the remote and harsh environments identified with this industry, service providers are depending on alternative effective communication solutions.

NSSLGlobal Technologies’ SatLink Hub and Modem technology is therefore pivotal in helping RadioCom operate efficiently by delivering high performance, cost-effective, always-on voice, data and multimedia communications for its widely distributed sites and remote locations. Engineered to support a variety of services, the SatLink systems have been implemented for SCADA and other low data rate applications.

Eugen Brad, RadioCom’s CEO, comments: “NSSLGlobal showed true professionalism and expertise during the entire competitive tender process, which gave them the edge over the four other companies involved in selecting our VSAT technology provider. NSSLGlobal provided a high-level commercial proposition tailored to our specifications and technical requirements and also gave us the confidence we needed to develop our services portfolio, including those for SCADA systems.

The SatLink technology offered the improved QoS and bandwidth efficiency that we needed for our network, and the high levels of project management and technical support services that we’ll receive from the in-house experts around the clock was a major element for our business road map.”


Nikolaj Hvegholm, CEO of NSSLGlobal Technologies: “This is an exciting win for NSSLGlobal Technologies, as we continue to forge our reputation as an engineering powerhouse. We displaced the incumbent’s network with our trusted and reliable SatLink technology. We gave RadioCom the confidence they needed in our engineering capabilities and 24/7 support services, and as a result, we secured RadioCom as a valuable customer. We offered efficiencies by delivering a solution which was tailored to their needs and it is also testament to our skills in providing a suitable infrastructure to meet the needs for SCADA regulations.”


As part of the contract, NSSLGlobal is providing the SatLink Network Management System as well as full 24/7/365 technical support services.     

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NSSLGlobal Technologies

NSSLGlobal Technologies, based in Oslo, is the technical and engineering development house of the NSSLGlobal Group.  The company was formed in 2016 following the acquisition and merger of the two Norwegian technology companies SnapTV AS and SatLink Communications AS. Our focus is on developing IPTV products and VSAT technology including Hubs and VSAT modems for mobility and fixed applications. 


The core SatLink technology is used to design, build and deliver complete satellite networks to customers globally. NSSLGlobal Technologies’ products, and engineering services offer a variety of communication solutions to a wide range of industries including, Government, Military, Maritime, Offshore, Oil, Gas, Mining, Hospitality, Education, Health, Media and Entertainment.


Our Media and Entertainment solution — based on the SnapTV and CrewVision product suite — incorporates a range of store and forward video entertainment products, developed for multicasting and on-demand entertainment content distribution for mobile and fixed networks to remote areas via the SatLink VSAT hubs (CrewVision) or as standalone (SnapTV).


NSSLGlobal Technologies has a highly experienced Research and Development (R&D), engineering and business development team delivering market competitive satellite-based solutions for mobility and fixed applications globally. We design and offer customised turnkey solutions that maximise performance with a second-to-none degree of reliability. The fundamental objectives while developing and implementing these VSAT solutions include: Superior Quality, High Reliability, Fast Deployment and Flexibility.

About Radiocom

Societatea Na?ional? de Radiocomunica?ii S.A. is a joint stock company that is carrying out its activity based on economic management and financial autonomy and, at the same time, it is a public company.


Societatea Na?ional? de Radiocomunica?ii S.A. has a history spanning ninety years, being leader on terrestrial broadcasting market (transport and broadcasting of radio and TV programs) and one of the main providers of networks and data transmission services in Romania.


Societatea Na?ional? de Radiocomunica?ii S.A. operates in the market under the trade name RADIOCOM – a 100 % Romanian brand. Starting from its two domains of electronic communications – broadcasting and data transmission – RADIOCOM developed itself continuously, proving maturity and innovation.

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